Inside Selling

Guidelines for selling over the phone and internet

People with headsets


This practical workshop will provide you with a structured approach to selling to customers via the phone or through online technologies such as e-mail, instant messaging and web conferencing.


This program is designed for lead generation, lead development or inside sales professionals who need to build trust and rapport, capture interest, and get seen and heard by buyers who are totally overwhelmed by an increasingly noisy marketplace.

The      This workshop answers the following questions:

1.    How do I make sure prospects will listen to what I have to say?

2.    How did I build messages that will have impact?

3.    What can I do to get my voice-mails and e-mails returned?

4.    What questions do I need to do in the limited time available to understand their needs?

5.    How do I communicate the value of my solution?

6.    What are the best ways to deal with objections?

7.    How do I close more sales?

8.    How do I manage my time more effectively and maintain my energy and motivation levels? 



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