Strategic Key Account Management

Guidelines to earning more revenue from your key accounts



This intensive workshop is designed to provide account managers with the skills and resources to develop and sustain long-term strategic customer relationships for mutual growth, profitability, trust, loyalty, innovation and risk management


·      Ensure predictable revenue streams through long term business relationships

·      Create joint solutions that deliver value to both parties

·      Improve business acumen so you can communicate in financial terms

·      Negotiate and close big deals

Workshop Objectives


·      Complete a successful transition into the key account manager’srole.

·      Construct and implement clear strategic plans to consolidate your key account relationships and gain valuable new and repeatbusiness.

·      Recognise and deal effectively with competitor threats.

·      Use effective skills to persuade and motivate the key buyers, influencers and decision- makers.

·      Select the most appropriate approach to secure increased and profitable business from your key accounts.

·      Develop strong personal links with all the key individuals in your major accounts and turn relationships into long-term partnerships.

·      Respect, reassure and motivate the key personnel charged with servicing and supporting your major accounts.



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